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Welcome to the Chicago Games Development web site, please check back regularly for upcoming coaching and referee courses, as well as youth irish football and hurling camps.

If you are interested in having your child play irish football and or hurling please visit one of the youth web sites at the top of this page for information on locations, and practice times.

If you are an adult looking to join a football or hurling club click on the link page for more information.

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Western Springs Schools Program

Field Elementary Western Springs.

May 2017 this is a thriving schools program.

This is 4th and 5th grade from fall 2016 .

What a wonderful group with Boys and Girls giving Gaelic Football their all.

A special thank you to their Phys Ed teacher Mr Ryan McLaughlin.

Thanks also for the nifty Camera work smiley

by colmegan posted 10/30/2017
Easter Irish Sports Day..What a Day




What a Day !!

A huge thank you to all the Parents,Kids and Coaches for such a wonderful day on Sat last.

Please feel free to use the pictures from here and have a look for more on Facebook @ Chicago GAA Coaching and Games.


Over 130 Kids played Hurling and Gaelic football,many for the first time.

Well done to all !

Click on the picture page for loads of shots...Maybe your kid is there :)



by posted 04/01/2017
Chicago Gaa With the Boy Scouts

Chicago GAA with the boy scouts



Chicago GAA are with the boys scouts doing Gaelic Football and Hurling.

Wonderful Evergreen Park Troop.

Can you spot that some Girls infiltrated the Boys Scouts Of America :)

Egan Girls Rule :)


by posted 01/27/2017
We made the TV...Well done Naperville Hurling Club

Go the Black and Reds !





What a job by Naperville Hurling Club. One year in existence and they made the TV !!!!!!



by posted 01/27/2017
Podcast on the International Hurling Festival Galway 2013

The Winning Denver/Indy Team

A link to a podcast on the International Hurling Festival in Galway.

Featured are Milwaukee,Indy and Chicago (from the Central Division)
Chicago is at Min 48.


by colmegan posted 10/12/2013
Event @ The Childrens Museum April 2012

Chicago GAA demonstration @ Chicago Childrens Museum.


posted 04/11/2012
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